Upcycled FAQ

What does ‘Upcycled’ mean?

Upcycle is a verb that we take very seriously! Webster’s defines it as “recycling something in such a way that the resulting product is of higher value than the original item”, often accomplished with a discarded item.  All of our products were discarded by their original owner for some reason or another, we intervene to give it a longer life!

“Where do get all of this stuff?”

Everywhere! Is it used, in need of repair or looking for a loving home? I’ll take it.  Frequented spots include: estate sales, thrift stores, donation centers, rummage sales, or refashioning items from said places.

Why sell used clothes?

The fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to green house gas emissions in the world. The process of generating new clothing impacts the environment in multiple steps.  This process includes but is not limited to: fiber production, fabric production, dyeing, assembly and distribution. Throughout that production line there is impact to water, land, air quality, and certainly human labor. If you live in a developed country, chances are, there is an overproduction of products for you to choose from. Why further deplete our finite resources to make more? Let’s buy used.

What is sustainability?

John Ehrenfelt provides a haunting and hopeful definition; Sustainability is “the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on the earth forever”.  
How do our actions and consumption help life flourish?  How do our actions or consumption impact life flourishing? Put in this context, we are encouraged to participate in lessening negative impact but also contribute to a greater tomorrow. 

Do you make everything?

No! Making garments is not always the most sustainable way.  Keeping ready made items in the economy is a great way to lessen the need for more items.

Do you fix every item?

I mend each item that needs fixed! If there is a stain, I work hard to get it out. If there is a small hole, it is darned or patched. Many of the items are mended to be invisible to the eye. However, there are some items that are intentionally mended to honor the story of the garment.

What's your return policy?

Part of our mission is to keep clothes within the economy that are still full of life. This might mean our items contain small imperfections. We disclose these elements in our listings “as is”.

Unhappy with your purchase? No problem. Please contact me within 14 days of delivery to discuss returning your item. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and must return within 30 days of original purchase.