Once upon a time, I conducted some research about ways to use our old t-shirts. 

I was in grad school and my work was centered around increase awareness of environmentally sound art therapy practices in the state of Illinois. 

Central to my work was offering alternatives to store bought art materials. Reuse can offer the opportunity for beautiful metaphors within the therapeutic process. PLUS the benefits of using found objects include: monetary savings as a result of not buying new materials, extending the life of an object that otherwise goes to the trash, transformation of old to new, and experiencing the thrill of the “hunt” when searching for repurposable supplies.

ANYWHO.. A readily available material to many of us is that old t-shirt hanging on in the back of your drawer. Use this opportunity to try upcycling it into some t-shirt yarn. There are PLENTY of ways to use it once it is made-- but I'll get you started on that first step.